Who Controls Donald Trump? America’s first jewish president.


Must read: http://thezog.info/who-controls-donald-trump/

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Indeed, it happened to us…
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Jewish Humor. Bugaga!

World is afraid..!? Or, what?


You still act like censors of the free web, jewish scamers. (Ariel Voinescu)

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Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, 1995

Read Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, 1995 in .pdf

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy 1995

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Photo of The Week 1 – The Planet Survived

Isn’t it a relief?

jewish garbage terminated

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How To Kill Goyim And Influence People – The Book

Once again, know your enemies… Read the racist book “Torat Ha’melech” by Yitzhak Shapira/Yosef Elitzur, 2009 and find out who is the real human-hater on the planet…

Torat Ha'melech 2009 book

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_LxpCY2G8

Download the book on jewish Amazon, or at least, judge these large excerpts from the book here: http://www.alternet.org/books/how-kill-goyim-and-influence-people

Facts: The Attorney General’s Office announced on 26 /May/2012 that the authors of the book Torat Hamelech, which says it is permissible in some situations to kill non-jews according to jewish law, will not be indicted. Investigations against rabbis who gave their approbation to the book will also be closed.

Attorney General, jewish Yehuda Weinstein, said that Torat Hamelech is written in a general manner and does not call for violence.

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Royal Police Scam vs. FileCrop.com – Jews Dirige Nos

Let’s remember that FileCrop.com was a search engine for files hosted on Rapidshare, Mediafire, Megaupload and Hotfile. We don’t say GoodBye arguing in the past tence about FileCrop.com service (was), instead we ask WTF is going on with modern civil forces that infringe our rights on objective information access and the right to free information exchange? So, let’s ban Google next for giving us results on relevant and existing resources on the internet?

Indeed, if someone shares a File and it’s in public domain of visibility, why the hell City of London Police needs to restrict the search tool to find that shared file? Imagine you bought an e-book from jewish Amazon and then you shared it to your friend not by e-mail (it’s too big) but using a file-sharing service – and me, the BigBrother, kicking the ass of the sharing system and the search engine of the shared files. And if you shared it using Google tools – kicking the ass of G too (it’s too big?)!

British authorities gone crazy and dangerously political, restricting our tools of searching the reality on the web! Fucking restrict Google next! And I cordialy hate you for this tendency!

I hate you for tolerating gays in civil forces (and for gay families with children too). I hate you for jewish connections, broadly. I hate you for Opium Wars in China. And I hate you for promoting disgusting multi-‘culture’ in the world and subsidizing wars and terrorism globaly. You nasty nation, that don’t question your government, you don’t have a future. Nature will shut you down, soon – all the Tibetan monks are praying to the skies for this right now. Not so long ago in history, you where an ethalon in culture and technology – today you’re ashes, suppressing the free will, speech and even thoughts of the peoople worldwide. Jews Dirige Vos?

For full post, click the picture below:

Royal London Police Scam - Jews Dirige Us

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